Magnetism and Physics of spin – Instrumental Park

The INSP has access to many techniques for the development and characterization of magnetic systems:

Magnetic materials fabrication facilities

Molecular jet epitaxy (metals MnAs, Fe, FeGa, topological insulators)
pulsed laser ablation (metal nanowires in oxide matrices, all-oxide nanocomposites)
sputtering or evaporation (Co/Pt, Ni)
See also the team page Growth and properties of hybrid systems in thin films

Magneto-optical assemblies

INSP has access to many devices (visible and X-ray) allowing to go from fs to static regime, in microscopy or local measurement, with a large variety of applied field geometries, at temperatures ranging from a few Kelvins to room temperature, in the time domain (Faraday effect photo-induced or not, and time resolved) or frequency domain (electronic Raman)

See the dedicated pages for some of these devices:

Spectroscopy devices:

  • EPR/Cavity FMR
  • Wide band FMR
  • Electron Raman under magnetic field-> SNEQ Florent ?

Experimental platforms and large instruments: