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A Magnetic Monopole Antenna

Magnetic monopoles are theoretical particles characterized by a singular magnetic pole, distinct from common magnetic entities that manifest as pairs of magnetic poles. The notion of magnetic monopoles originated with Paul Dirac in the...

Article on the cover of ACS Photonics

A Magnetic Monopole Antenna Benoît Reynier, Xingyu Yang, Bruno Gallas, Sébastien Bidault, and Mathieu Mivelle ACS Photonics 2023 Publication Date: July 7, 2023 Article A Magnetic Monopole Antenna

Schéma de principe de l’excitation

Towards a new generation of acoustic imaging

Although laser ultrasound imaging is now recognized as a powerful tool for investigating elastic properties in a wide range of fields, from applications to fundamental research, a number of obstacles remain. The generation of...