Low-dimensional oxides – Analysis tools: IsGISAXS, GranFilm, HREELS and I4P

In addition to the atomic simulation codes implemented by the group’s theoreticians, the experimenters have developed specific tools for the analysis of certain measurements. The links below will allow you to download the corresponding “free software”.

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Figure 1: GISAXS snapshot of Au particles on TiO2 (110) and its simulation


analysis of grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS).

Figure 2: Resonant plasmonic modes in truncated spheres


dielectric simulation of the optical response of supported particles and calculation of the corresponding Fresnel coefficients.

Figure 3HREELS spectra of simulated phonons.



analysis, deconvolution and fit of spectra of electron energy loss in reflection in the frame of the dielectric theory (on request from the author R. Lazzari)

Figure 4: I4P fitting of an XPS core level.

I4P : IgorPro Paris Photoemission Package

treatment, chemical identification and quantitative analysis and fit of photoemission spectra.