Low-dimensional oxides – I4P: Igor Pro Paris Photoemission Package

The IGOR Pro Paris Photoemisssion Package (I4P) has been developed by R. Lazzari (CNRS) to load, display, analyse and fit photoemission data, mainly from laboratory sources (Al-Kα Mg-Kα, He I/II). It is intended for fitting with various line shapes the following types of experimental data:

  • X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (XPS; core-levels); 
  • Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy (UPS; Fermi or work function edges);
  • Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS)/Low Energy Ion Spectroscopy (LEIS) (energy loss to mass scale);
  • Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS). 

Figure 1: Periodic table tool of identification of core-levels and Auger lines.


Number of peaks, line shapes, fitting constraints are handled in a smart way via a peak booklet. A graph windows is used to visualize fit quality and a full report is accessible as text file. Batch fit as well record of fit templates are also possible. 

Figure 2: Appearance of the parameter booklet for data fitting.

Treatments such as peak overlap, transmission function correction, background subtraction, source satellite deconvolution are also available. The package is associated with a database of (i) core levels and Auger lines for peak identification and (ii) of photo-ionization cross sections. 

Figure 3: Tool for calculations of inelastic/elastic mean free paths and effective attenuation lengths.

Inelastic and transport mean free paths as well as effective attenuation lengths can be calculated from predictive formula and a material database. Film thickness and concentration can be evaluated from peak areas. Command lines for some common tasks are available.

I4P can be freely downloaded with a full user manual. It is given as such without any warranty about accuracy, reliability, completeness and fitness for purpose. The author cannot be held responsible of inaccurate results or misuse of the present package. An acknowledgement about its use in any kind of publication would be appreciated.