Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces

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Our scientific objectives are focused on the understanding of small-scale systems: surfaces, interfaces, nano-objects. We study them from their synthesis to their structural, optical, electronic and transport properties, including their dynamics.

This mastery is made possible by our expertise in growth, directional solidification, or chemical synthesis techniques that allow us to obtain a wide range of materials, from epitaxial nanostructures to colloidal nanoparticles and solidification microstructures.

To study their properties, we use both laboratory analysis techniques (X-ray diffraction, optical spectroscopy, near-field microscopy/spectroscopy, transport measurements, photoelectron spectroscopy) and synchrotron radiation (photoemission, X-ray scattering/diffraction) as well as theoretical tools (analytical methods and Monte-Carlo simulations).


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Self-organization at the Nanoscale Dynamics of Interfaces Surface functionalization
Soft interfaces and thin films 2D materials Nanoparticles
Optoelectronics Plasmonics and sensors Foams, bubles and soap films