Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces – Soft interfaces and thin films

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In addition to their fundamental interest, soft interfaces play a major role in many applied devices through the influence they exert both on the surface properties themselves and on the organization of the bulk phases which define them. This field is particularly large and our team focuses on two types of systems:

  • the study of thin liquid crystals layers deposited on solid substrates and the influence of the anchoring on the defect’s organization and dynamic in the bulk phase.
  • the study of Langmuir films formed by species adsorbed at the air / liquid interface which states and properties can be modified by adjusting the thermodynamic quantities or by irradiation.

Our know-how for the study of these films is based on measurements in thermodynamic, optical and near-field microscopies, x-ray and neutron scattering completed by spectroscopy measurements. We are then able to observe these systems at different scales ranging from macroscopic to microscopic.


  1. Topological defects in thin smectic films
  2. Dynamics of liquid crystal topological defects
  3. Langmuir films formed by semi-fluorinated molecules
  4. Solvent effect in Langmuir film formed by block Copolymers
  5. Metal-organic interface formed by surface radiolysis
  6. Graphene Oxyde and Ionic Liquid Langmuir Films
  7. Polymerizing 2D Diacetylenes Film