Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces – Soft interfaces and thin films – Solvent effect in Langmuir film formed by block Copolymers


  • Permanent members: Marie-Claude Fauré, Michel Goldmann

Forming a Langmuir film by deposing a solution on the surface of the water subphase is the standard procedure which has been shown to be effective with most amphiphilic molecules. However, this approach proves to be more delicate in the case of the deposition of block copolymers. We have shown that in this case, not insignificant amounts of solvent can remain adsorbed in the copolymer. This residual solvent can however be expelled / reabsorbed during the compression / expansion of the monolayer, leading to the appearance of a surface pressure plateau in the isotherm which is not linked to a modification of the conformation of the copolymer.

CaptionSchematic representations of the surface evolution of the PS-b-PAA at pH2 under surface pressure variations. PS is depicted in red domains, PAA in green domains, DMF in yellow, and water in blue. Black arrows indicate the barriers displacement and yellow arrows indicate the DMF motion. The color of PS domains changes with 2D pressure, as it depends on the amount of DMF that remains trapped inside the monolayer.

  • P. Fontaine (Synchrotron SOLEIL, Gif/Yvette, France)
  • Fabrice Cousin (Laboratoire Leon Brillouin, CEA, Gif/Yvette, France)
  • Patrick Perrin (SIMM, ESPCI, Paris, France)


Past PhD

  • Zineb Guennouni, “Study of Langmuir films of diblock copolymers and formation of inorganic nanostructures by silver ions reduction in their vicinity”.Defense: December 2014
  • Louis Bondaz, “Formation of metallic nano-objects by radiolysis and / or photo-reduction of ions in the presence of self-assemblies of polyelectrolytes”. Defense: November 2017



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