Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces – Dynamics of interfaces

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  • Permanent members: Silvère Akamatsu, Sabine Bottin-Rousseau, Patricia Ott, Bumedijen Raka
  • Engineer on fixed-term contract: Maria Achache
  • PhD student: Mehdi Medjkoune

Solidification microstructures are out of equilibrium patterns. Of micrometric characteristic dimensions, they appear on the crystal growth front (solidification front). They are generated by the nonlinear interactions between the diffusion of solute in the liquid and capillary forces. We are studying the solidification dynamics in situ by real-time videomicroscopy during directional solidification of transparent and metallic alloys. The results are interpreted phenomenologically (amplitude equations) and using dynamic numerical simulations (collaborations). Our goal is to improve the general understanding of the phenomena of far from equilibrium pattern formation and to help the development of new processes for the elaboration of materials by solidification.




Experimental collaborations:

  • Laszlo STURZ, Victor WITUSIEWICZ, Ulrike HECHT ACCESS e.V., Aachen, Allemagne
  • Wolfgang LOSERT, IREAP, Paint Branch Dr., Université de Maryland, USA
  • Melis Serefoglu, Koç University, Istanbul, Turquie

Theorical collaborations:



  • CNES financing by annual conventions



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