Nanometric Thin Films: Formation, Interfaces and Defects – Multiferroic materials


  • Permanent members: Nathalie Jedrecy, Christian Hébert
  • Collaborators: Jacques Perrière, David Hrabovsky, Loïc Becerra, Erwan Dandeu
  • PhD student: Anton Khanas


Multiferroics, memristors: towards an artificial neural network?

The ultimate difference between the brain and a computer is its ability to learn and evolve, in other words its plasticity, as it receives and records information. The transmission of signals between neurons takes place via synapses, whose conductance is precisely modulable. The electrical analog of a synapse is the “mem” component, for example the “memristor” based on a resistance that varies with the voltage to which it is subjected. We are interested in such components, or in components that can adopt multiple states of resistance, based on junctions between oxide materials whose thickness is in the nanometer range.
In particular, the so-called multiferroic junctions, combining magnetic and ferroelectric materials, allow us to consider a control of resistance states based on low voltages, which augurs major advances in information processing and storage technologies.

Caption: (a) Neurons and synaptic connections (from S. Jiang et al, Materials Today Nano 8, 2019, 100059). (b) An example of a memristor element. (c) The two resistance states obtained on the basis of Au/BaTiO3/(La,Sr)MnO3. junctions.


  • CEA, Saclay (France)
  • CIMAP, Caen (France)
  • MPI, Halle (Germany)



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