Nanometric Thin Films: Formation, Interfaces and Defects

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Thin, ultra-thin or nano-structured layers play an increasingly important role in the development of new technologies such as quantum information, high performance coatings, or systems with externally modulatable properties. The team Nanoscale Layers: Formation, Interfaces, Defects, studies the links between the physical behavior of the layers and their structure, the density and nature of defects, and the proximity of internal and external interfaces. The team has several specialized equipments for the realization of layers (Pulsed Laser Ablation, Atomic Layer Deposition, oxidation furnaces, BET system…) and for the analysis of the composition and structure (Electron Paramagmetic Resonance Spectrometers, AFM and its derivatives, Fast Ion Beam Analysis System (SAFIR platform) and electrical measurement bench.

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