Clusters and Surfaces under Intense Excitation

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The team is interested in ion-matter and photon-matter interactions for their fundamental studies, for their irreversible effects that may be induced and/or as a diagnostic tool for the properties of matter.

Research focused on the study of interaction dynamics at very short time scales during matter excitation induced by laser pulse or by heavy ion impact is under analysis or in preparation:

  • Picosecond time-resolved experiments to study the solid-liquid phase transition induced by femtosecond (fs) infrared (IR) laser pulses in metallic layers have been performed at the AURORE facility at CELIA.
  • The dynamics study of the ion-magnetic (ferro/antiferro, para and diamagnetic) surfacesinteraction is a new project which will be carried out mainly at our SIMPA facility.
  • Ion-ion collisions allow the study of N-body quantum dynamics thanks to the control of the number of electrons attached to each ion. Experiments are in preparation at the large facilities CRYRING/FAIR/GSI (Germany) and S3/SPIRAL2/GANIL (France).

Ions induce effects that can have potential applications. In this context, the team undertakes studies on thin films with giant magnetocaloric effect irradiated by slow (SIMPA/INSP installation) or fast (IRRSUD/GANIL) ions.

To master and understand the surface chemistry of free gold nanoparticles using photons from the SOLEIL synchrotron is a recent theme in the team. These studies are interesting for potential applications of energy collection by exploiting the plasmonic properties of these nano-objects.

Bayesian statistical methods are developed for the analysis and processing of most of our experimental data.


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