New sputtering machine in the INSP cleanroom – June 2023

Machine de sputtering

Machine de sputtering. © INSP

In June 2023, the cleanroom team installed a sputtering frame.

This machine complements existing thermal deposition machines, which are well suited to materials with low or moderate melting temperatures.

The sputtering technique enables the deposition of high-melting materials, in particular oxides such as ITO (for the manufacture of transparent conductive electrodes) and NiO (for the manufacture of hole-transport layers).

The new equipment will also rejuvenate existing sputtering machines, enabling them to be dedicated to specific applications (e.g. piezoelectric ZnO deposition) while being unloaded from more conventional deposition operations. The new machine will offer a high degree of automation, while significantly reducing pumping time (1 h vs. 6 h in the old machines) and thus increasing the number of daily users.

The acquisition of this new machine is part of a long-term plan to upgrade the INSP’s cleanroom, with several new tools already purchased in recent years (mask aligner for photolithography, two thermal deposition machines, plasma cleaner, oxidation furnace and soon high-resolution laser lithography).

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