Witkowski Nadine

Witkowski Nadine

Nadine Witkowski
Professor Sorbonne Université
Team(s) Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces

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Corridor 22-12 4th floor room 405
4 place Jussieu
75005 Paris

Main responsability : Director of Doctorate School ED397 Physics and Chemistry of Materials
Field of research : Surface physics, physics of solar cell interfaces




Professor of Physics
PR1 – CNU 28 – Condensed Matter Physics
Laboratory : Institut des Nanosciences de Paris

Scientific focus areas

My fields of expertise concern the experimental surface and interface physics in very large diversity of systems such as semiconductors, oxides, 2D materials, nanostructures, molecular architectures, strongly correlated electronic systems …Both the structural aspects and the electronic properties are in the focus of my research activities by using local probe microscopies (AFM, STM), surface X-ray diffraction, surface optical spectroscopies, surface electron spectroscopies using synchrotron facilities in Europe (SOLEIL, ELETTRA, BESSY, MAXIV, ASTRID). Since 2017, my interest is directed to the study electronic properties of surfaces and interfaces in device architectures for hybrid/organic electronics and solar cells.

Career :
2018 Professor  PR1 – Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
2012 Professor PR2 – Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
1999 Lecturer – Laboratoire d’optique des solides, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
1998 – 1999 : Postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University and MAX-Lab synchrotron, Sweden

2007 Habilitation degree to supervize phD, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France
1998 PhD in Material sciences, Université Nancy I, France

PhD/ Post-doc Projects
2022 – 2025 : PhD candidate VANNUCCHI Noemi Device physics in non-fullerene acceptor solar cell
2021-2024 : Postdoc JOHANSSON Fredrik Interplay, stability and charge transfer dynamics at 2D transition metal dichalcogenide interfaces for solar cells (Swedish research council & KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
2020 – 2023 : PhD candidate ALI Azmat Interplay, stability and charge transfer dynamics at 2D transition metal dichalcogenide interfaces for solar cells
2021 : PhD AMELOT Dylan Etudes des propriétés d’interfaces pour les cellules solaires nouvelle génération
2019 : PhD LONGO Danilo Engineering topological states in arrays of magnetic molecules in interaction with a 2D superconductor
2017 : PhD FARRONATO Mattia Structure and reactivity of Lutetium bis -Phthalocyanine Thin Films
2014 : PhD BIDERMANE Ieva Structure and Electronic Properties of Phthalocyanine Films on Metal and Semiconductor Substrates
2012 : PhD BOUDET Sophie Auto-assemblage moléculaire de bisphtalocyanines de lutétium : organisation, structure et propriétés optiques

Funded Projects
2018 – 2021 : FLAG–ERA JTC 2017 LAMES : Layered structures of Metal Sulphides, with Uppsala University and Helmotz Zentrum Berlin
2013 – 2016 : LLP Academic Network HOPE : Horizon in Physics Education, 71 partners, 35 countries
2013 – 2017 : EU FP7 ITN Marie Curie: THINFACE – Thin-film Hybrid Interfaces: a training initiative for the design of next-generation energy devices, FP7-ITN

Responsibilities and other activities
2017 – 2022 : President of the teaching council of Physics Department at Sorbonne Université
2019 – 2023 : Elected member at the national committee of universities in Condensed matter physics (CNU28) that evaluates lecturer and professor career development at national level in France
Contracted remote evaluator Horizon Europe and H2020
Evaluator for ERC consolidator grant
External reviewer in 6 phD committees in France, Sweden and Italy, Member of 3 international phD committees, President of 7 phD committees in France

Main International Collaborations
Uppsala University, X-ray Photon Science, LINDBLAD Andreas, RENSMO Hakan, PUGLIA Carla
University of Southern Denmark, Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics and EnergyMADSEN Morten
Helmoltz Zentrum Berlin, Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research, FOHLISCH Alexander