Quantum technology – Qubits and quantum emitters – Quantum transport of an excitation


Laurent Coolen, Zakarya Ouzit, Agnès Maître, Fu Feng, Nguyen Thu Loan

Semiconductor nanoplatelets can be synthesized with perfect thickness control and exhibit remarkable brightness and homogeneity properties. The smallest ones emit single photons and are all deposited horizontally, which allows a deterministic control of their emission direction and polarization. By playing with the ligands, we can assemble them in chains of hundreds of plates between which excitation transfers take place at the picosecond scale.



  • Benjamin Abécassis (ENS de Lyon)
  • Benoît Mahler (Institut Lumière Matière, Lyon)
  • Benoît Fleury (Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire)
  • Benoît Dubertret (ESPCI)



  • ANR Foenics (2021-2024)



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