Quantum technology – Qubits and quantum emitters – A plasmonic nano-antenna patch with a single nano-emitter


Agnès Maître

Patch plasmonic nano-antennas with a single nanoemitter, deterministically positioned in the structure. Due to the strong optical and electronic confinement in the antenna, colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, also called quantum boxes, present remarkable emission properties: single photon emission, brightness, strong acceleration of the emission (Purcell effect), spectral broadening.

Caption: Patch antenna with a single nanoemittor. The single emitter is located inside a transparent material, between a gold thick layer and a patch, which transmits emitted light. In-situ op- tical lithography makes it possible to position exactly at the nanometric scale the emitter inside antenna, and to optimize its emission.



Nanometric ultrabright light sources