Quantum confinement and 2D systems – Remarkable quantum states in two dimensions



Christophe Brun, Tristan Cren, Pascal David, Marie d’Angelo, François Debontridder, Marie Hervé , Yves Noat


Two-dimensionality offers very rich possibilities to explore non-trivial quantum states by local probe spectroscopies. In line with the work opened up by the physics of graphene and topological insulators, we are studying the topological properties of materials produced in situ (topological insulators, Weyl semi-metals, topological superconductors). On the other hand, we also study the role of controlled magnetic and non-magnetic disorder, from the atomic or molecular scale up to larger mesoscopic scales, on two-dimensional superconductivity. Finally, we are also interested in model two-dimensional epitaxial systems where on-site Coulombic repulsion plays an important role. The techniques used in the laboratory are scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS) coupled to an ultra-high vacuum growth chamber equipped with structural characterisation tools (LEED, Auger spectroscopy). We also use photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES,XPS), circularly polarised X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XMCD).


FigureIsolated MnPc molecules on an in-situ epitaxial Pb/Si(111) superconducting monolayer.

PhD students: Mathis Cameau, Mehdi Torkzadeh, Axel Malecot

Thesis defended: Gerbold Ménard (2016), Danilo Longo (2019), Raphaël Leriche (2019),



In France

  • LPS – Pascal Simon, Andrej Mesaros, Denis Jérôme
  • IMN – Laurent Cario
  • ENS: Marie-Laure Bocquet
  • CSNSM : Claire Marrache-Kikuchi.


  • Landau Institute in Russia – Mikhail Feigel’man, Mikhail Skvortsov, Igor Burmistrov
  • DIPC in San Sebastian: Nicolas Lorente
  • University of Sherbrooke in Canada: Claude Bourbonnais
  • KIT in Karlsruhe: Wulf Wulfhekel.



  • ANR MISTRAL (completed)
  • SUPERSTRIPES (completed)
  • GINET 2_0



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