Magnetism and Physics of spin – Nanomagnetism



C. Gourdon, L. Thevenard
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J-Y. Duquesne, M. Marangolo
P. Rovillain
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magnetization dynamics
L.Thevenard, C. Gourdon
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M. Sacchi, F. Vidal
M. Eddrief, Y. Zheng
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Control of magnetic
anisotropy in epitaxial thin films and nanowires
Y. Zheng, D. Demaille
F. Vidal, J-L. Cantin
J. Van Bardeleben, M. Marangolo
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Artificial multiferroic
and functional oxides
N. Jedrecy, J. Perrière
C. Hébert
Tuning of giant magnetocaloric effect with ion irradiation

M. Trassinelli, D. Vernhet, S. Steydli, C. Prigent, E. Lamour, S. Macé, A Lévy, M. Marangolo
J-Y. Duquesne, I. Vickridge
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Magnetic thin films epitaxial growth

M. Marangolo, M. Sacchi, M. Eddrief, F. Vidal, Y. Zheng, J.-E. Duvauchelle, P. Atkinson, D. Demaille

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