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The Phocos team has many optical spectroscopic devices allowing it to carry out its various experimental projects:

Equipement de l'équipe PHOCOS Equipement de l'équipe PHOCOS Equipement de l'équipe PHOCOS Equipement de l'équipe PHOCOS
Time-resolved luminescence micro-spectroscopy (resolution 5 ps) and variable temperature (4 K-ambient) using a helium flow cryostat.

© INSP – Cécile Duflot

Magneto-photoluminescence platform including a micro-luminescence configuration. The assembly including a cryostat with a pulsed tube in a closed circuit of helium allows magnetic fields up to 7 T and includes temperature regulation between 4 and 300 K.

© INSP – Cécile Duflot

Pump-probe type experiments for the measurement of photo-induced Faraday / Kerr effects in the femto- and picosecond range. The platform allows the manipulation of variable magnetic fields and low temperatures.

© INSP – Cécile Duflot

Spectrophotometry for the measurement of optical absorption / transmission on crystals, films and solutions. A helium flow cryostat allows experiments to be carried out at 12 K at room temperature.

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Advanced modeling and simulations

Tensor networks” type methods and application to solid phase decoherence and in “bio-organic” machines