Spectroscopy of Novel Quantum States – Scanning Tunneling Microscope “M3”

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STM 300mK, 10T, UHV, in-situ preparation and growth chamber

Microscope à effet tunnel « M3 »

After 9 years of development, “M3 is fully operational since 2008 and operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This instrument is composed of two interconnected ultra-high vacuum chambers (10-11mbar), allowing sample preparation and elaboration of nanostructures, and further transfer and in situ analysis in the scanning tunneling microscope. The head of the microscope is equipped with an XY stage designed to accommodate Omicron standard sample holders and 6 independent electrical contacts, allowing in-situ resistivity measurements or in operando tunneling spectroscopy on « real » devices. The M3 cryogenic set-up consists of a super-insulated Helium4 cryostat from Oxford Instruments, equipped with a superconducting coil capable of producing a vertical magnetic field of 8 Tesla at 4.2K (10 Tesla at 2.2K via lambda plate), and a single shot UHV Helium 3 insert from Ice Oxford, of our design. With an autonomy of more than 48h at 300mK, M3 allows to perform very high resolution tunnel spectroscopy maps with atomic resolution.

Instrumental development