Photons, Magnons and Quantum Technologies – Semiconductor quantum dots for integrated quantum optics

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  • Permanent members: Mathieu Bernard, Benoît Eble, Richard Hostein (My Cryo Firm Company), Florent Margaillan, Valia Voliotis

Quantum dots based on semiconductor materials are systems of choice to define robust quantum bits, in particular thanks to their discrete energy spectrum. Their simple integration in optoelectronic devices allows to imagine the realization of quantum logic gates. Quantum dots are also sources of single and indistinguishable photons useful for quantum cryptography. The group studies more particularly:

  1. the light-matter interaction between single dots or coupled quantum dots inserted in different types of photonic cavities
  2. Decoherence processes in matter, for example due to the coupling with a phonon bath or the non-linear interaction between carriers and the nuclear spin lattice. The qubits defined in this way are manipulated in a coherent manner using light pulses.The objective is to realize an efficient spin-photon interface by controlling the environment, especially the magnetic one, and to demonstrate in the longer term the entanglement between distant spins. These topics are part of the transverse topic of the laboratory on quantum technologies.


Main experimental technics

The experimental techniques used to perform qubit coherent control experiments are based on low temperature resonant spectroscopy, spatially and temporally resolved, under magnetic field.

Coherent spectroscopy for the study of quantum systems



  • C2N, CNRS Université Paris-Saclay (A. Lemaître)
  • DTU Photonik, Copenhague, Danemark (J. Mork, J.Iles-Smith)
  • LP2N, IOGS Bordeaux (P. Lalanne)



  • DIM SIRTEQ Ile-de-France