Nanostructures: growth, quantum effects and magnetism

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Our team explores materials from the growth of nanostructures to light-matter interaction in quantum systems and the manipulation of magnetization by acoustic or light waves in magnetic compounds.



Fundamental and experimental studies of magnetization dynamics, in the context of magnetic coding of information:

  • Acoustic manipulation of magnetization in ferro- and antiferromagnetics (L. Thevenard, C. Gourdon, M. Marangolo)
  • Photoinduced magnetic dynamics (M. Hennes, M. Sacchi, F. Vidal, Y. Zheng)
  • Magnetic helicoidal dichroism (M. Sacchi)


Low-dimensional systems for quantum technologies 

Our quantum-dots projects are part of the national PEPR project Calcul quantique au vol (OQULUS project) for the next 5 years, with the aim of realizing photonic qubits in discrete variables for quantum computation.

  • Quantum emitters (V. Voliotis, S. Hameau, B. Eble, P. Atkinson)
  • Spin Q-bits (B. Eble, V. Voliotis, P. Atkinson)
  • Exfoliated TMD heterostructures (V. Voliotis)

Epitaxial growth of low-dimensional heterostructures

The team has 3 MBE (molecular beam epitaxy) machines for the production of lamellar materials and devices for quantum technologies, and 2 PLD (pulsed laser deposition) for the growth of magnetic nanostructures.

  • Magnetic thin films and heterostructures (M. Hennes, D. Demaille, F. Vidal, Y. Zheng, J.-E. Duvauchelle, S. Chenot, M. Ebbrief, P. Atkinson )
  • Lamellar and 2D compounds with remarkable properties (M. Eddrief, P. Atkinson)
  • Semiconductor heterostructures for quantum technologies (P. Atkinson, S. Chenot)