Nanophotonics and quantum optics – Quantum imaging

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  • Permanent member: Hugo Defienne
  • PhD students: Baptiste Courme, Chloé Vernière


Our quantum imaging research team is dedicated to exploring and developing new applications in imaging and information processing by exploiting the quantum properties of light. By generating, manipulating and detecting these non-classical states, we are pushing back the current limits of technology. Our research focuses on three major areas:
  1. Quantum microscopy: We are exploiting quantum entanglement to surpass the limits of imaging.
  2. Quantum Optics in Complex Media: We study the propagation of photons and non-classical light in complex and scattering environments.
  3. Quantum Entanglement: We are elucidating the deep nature of quantum entanglement using advanced cameras.
Our work is supported by an ERC Starting Grant obtained in 2022.
Recent publications
  • Cameron, P., Courme, B., Faccio, D., & Defienne, H. (2023). Quantum-assisted Adaptive Optics for Microscopy. arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.11472
  • Courme, B., Vernière, C., Svihra, P., Gigan, S., Nomerotski, A., & Defienne, H. Quantifying high-dimensional spatial entanglement with a single-photon-sensitive time-stamping camera (2023). Optics Letters48(13), 3439-3442.
  • Courme, B., Cameron, P., Faccio, D., Gigan, S., & Defienne, H. Manipulation and certification of high-dimensional entanglement through a scattering medium. (2023). PRX Quantum 4, 010308