Nanophotonics and quantum optics – Luminescence

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An optical characterization platform is dedicated to the study of luminescence, for which two major instruments are installed:


HORIBA QuantaMaster400 PTI Fluorimeter

This device of modular design is mainly intended for spectral measurements of luminescence emission and excitation. It includes a computer interface, giving access to the raw and corrected data of the acquired spectra.


Spectrophotometer HORIBA Jobin Yvon iHR550

This experimental device allows the characterization of luminophores, by their emission spectra and time decay, from a few hundred milliseconds up to 1ns. These measurements are possible thanks to the monochromator and detectors with which this spectrophotometer is equipped.

Various excitation sources are associated with it:


  • pulsed nitrogen laser (337.1nm-800ps)+dye <380nm-660nm>
  • continuous laser diode at 473nm, 100mw
  • continuous or pulsed laser diodes <800nm – 810nm> and <966nm-975nm
Discharge lamps
  • Xe and Hg


The QM400 and iHR550 instruments are also associated with two cryostats, one nitrogen-cooled (>77 K) and one helium-cooled (>4 K) with cold finger and variable temperature up to 500 K.


  • Willy Daney de Marcillac : willy.marcillac(at)