Multiscale Mechanics of Soft Solids – Stress-controlled rheometer Anton-Paar MR501

In its native, open loop mode, a torque ranging between 0.01 µN.m and 300 mN.m is applied to the rotor whilethe angular velocity is measured. A feed-back loop enables shear-rate controlled operations. Thanks to the synchronous motor technology, oscillating test can be performed over a wide range of frequencies from 10—5 rad/s to  600 rad/s. Normal forces are measured between 0.01 N and 50 N ± 0.002 N. Thermal regulation via Peltier device. We  propose standard geometries: Cylindrical Couette, Cone-Plane, Plane-Plane.




Rheometer – © INSP – Cécile Duflot