Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces – Self-organization at the nanoscale – Modelisation of epitaxial growth : from atomic simulations to non-linear dynamical models


  • Permanent member: Jean-Noël Aqua
  • Post-Doc: Kennet Rodriguez Hannikainen

We study epitaxial crystal growth using different models of system dynamics at atomic scales. The systems studied concern the growth of SiGe quantum dots by morphological instability, the growth of AlGaAs faceted nanowires, the growth of AlGaN dots under evaporation, the growth of nanomembranes on porous SiP substrate, the growth of 2D materials, etc. We derive different models adapted to the experiments, solve them analytically if possible or numerically, and perform numerical simulations. We study nonlinear analysis of dynamic equations, nucleation theory, local thermodynamic models, kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations, etc. We have described the interrupted dynamics of the maturation of anisotropic quantum boxes under elastic stress, explained the elasto-capillary attraction of repulsively interacting islands, rationalized the growth of nanowires lying on a vicinal surface, characterized a kinetic phase diagram of the growth on a paternate substrate etc.



  • Peter Voorhees (NorthWestern, USA)
  • Thomas Frisch (InPhyNi)
  • Isabelle Berbezier (IM2NP)
  • Julien Brault (CRHEA)



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