Acoustics and optics for nanosciences and quantum physics – Nanophotonics in Nature

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  • Permanent members : Serge Berthier, Willy Daney de Marcillac
  • Invited member : Bernd Schöllhorn (LEM – UPC)


For several years now, our group has been working on the study of natural photonic structures. These structures were developed in a different context from artificial ones – that of natural selection – and their study opens the way to new theoretical and experimental approaches, and to a new vision of industrial product development.
Natural structures are built according to three fundamental principles, quite different from our own:

  • They are multifunctional,
  • Their architecture is complex and generally multi-scale,
  • They are developed from a very small number of components, and all these parameters are optimized.Thus, the core of our work is the study and development of bio-inspired multifunctional photonic structures. These are then oriented towards the transposition of natural approaches, both the concepts (disorder, multifunctionality…) and the structures themselves, for various purposes: renewable energy, mainly solar, color effects, detection structures, transparent or anti-reflective structures and more recently emissive structures (fluorescence and bioluminescence). This last, highly exploratory, direction will form the core of our activity in the years to come, and is carried out in multidisciplinary collaboration with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle and various organizations around the world: iThemba LABS (Cape Town, South Africa), Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources in Hanoi (Vietnam), National Museum of Nature, Zoologische Staatssammlung München (Germany).







We are also very active in popularizing and disseminating our research to the general public and schools of all levels, with numerous radio and TV broadcasts, documentary films, conferences and exhibitions.


  • Jacques Livage (CMCP)
  • Romain Garouste, Marianne Elias Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité, (CNRS-MNHN)
  • Pascal Jean Lopez, Laboratory of Biology of Aquatic Organisms and Ecosystems (BOREA)
  • CEEBIOS (Center for Study and Expertise in Biomimicry)


  • ANR Clearwing
  • HFSP grant (Transparency)
  • MITI LumiNest (Mission pour les Initiatives Transverses et Interdisciplinaires – CNRS)


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Recent documentaries.

  • Nature = Future: A solar butterfly (2019)
  • Reconnexion S01 Ep 16 (2020), ARTE
  • Nanosurvies, the invisible powers of nature (2020). Grand Prix for Documentary and Green Award d’Or at the Deauville Green Awards 2021
  • Les nanotechnologies du vivant, Documentary series – (2021) ARTE
  • Le message des papillons (2022). Ushuaïa TV, ARTE/ZDF …
  • Butterflies, nature’s superheroes: Episode 2: The super resistants. (2023) ARTE.