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Spectrophotometer CARY 5000 UV-VIS-NIR

UV-Vis-NIR spectrometry device, with high photometric performance in the 175-3300nm range, controlled by Cary WinUV modular software. It is equipped with an enlarged sample compartment, which can contain and interchange accessories for specular and diffuse reflectivity measurements, or solid or liquid sample holders for transmittance measurements.



  • Deuterium lamp, mercury tungsten lamp

equipped with a double 100/100 beam

equipped with a double off-plane monochromator, 1200tr/mm UV /Vis and 300tr/mm PIR

  • Measurement above 8.0 absorbance units with reference beam attenuation
  • Measure 175 to 3300 nm using a PbS NIR detector for an extended photometric range
  • Variable bandwidth <0.01nm; 5nm> UV VIS, and <0.04nm; 20nm>PIR



  • Serge Berthier : serge.berthier(at)
  • Willy Daney de Marcillac : willy.marcillac(at)



Devices for the study of selective light scattering, reflectivity and transmission for the characterization of structured or disordered media related to the fields of mineralogy, biomimicry or biomedical…

Consisting of a double fiber optic goniometer, these assemblies allow non-contact measurements to be carried out over the entire backscattering lobe (2π steradians), with a modular architecture. The spectral measurements performed are resolved in angle of transmission and diffuse reflection of given samples.

System. A                                                                    System. B




Goniometric device system A&B/ A theta tilting emission arm and a theta and phi tilting detection arm, both motorized and interfaced for system A with a 40° angular distance between axes, and manual for system B, with a 35° angular distance between axes. Their optical heads are connected to the fiber optic illumination and detection systems, including a centered collimation system.

Illumination system 

System. A : Super continuum laser ” SuperK compact ” <450nm-2.4µm>, pulse width=2ns, repetition rate=24.5KHz, P at photonic fiber output=104mW, P at optical head output (/sample plane)=10µW/12.5e4µm².

System. B: Xe arc source ozone free, 300W

Detection device A&B system 

Spectrometer AvaSpec-USB2 <200nm-1100nm>, resolution<0.05nm-20nm>, detector=CCD 2048pixels, S/B=200 :1, sensitivity=3.1e5cps/µW



  • Willy Daney de Marcillac : willy.marcillac(at)