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Molecular Electronics

You will find here a set of resources from my teaching of Molecular Electronics at Sorbonne University, within the Master program SMNO (Sciences des matériaux et nano-objets). This is an international master with courses in English.

I have set up a course called NanoElec where I teach with 2 other colleagues.

NanoElec: Nanoelectronics and devices with molecules and nanoparticles 

Content of my teaching in NanoElec

1. The fundamental of pn junctions and the Shockley equation
2. Electric properties of molecular layers (Mott-Schottky model)
3. Electronic states of polymers and functional molecules
4. Molecules on metals, Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM)
5. Experimental methods for molecular electronics (XPS, UPS, IPS, AFM, STM, KPFM)
6. The Landauer theory in nano-electronics
7. Optical properties of metallic nanoparticles, plasmonics
8. Applications of plasmonics for biosensing. Perspectives for optical signal processing.


Recommended books for this course.

  1. Organic and Molecular Electronics: From Principles to Practice. (2nd Edition) Michael C. Petty (2018). Wiley. 512 pages.
  2. Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes: The role of the PN junction (2nd Edition). Adrian Kitai (2018). Wiley. 416 pages.
  3. Molecular Electronics. An Introduction to Theory and Experiment (2nd Edition). Juan Carlos Cuevas and Elke Scheer (2017). World Scientific. 848 pages
  4. Electronic Structure of Organic Semiconductors. Polymers and small molecules Luis Alcacer (2018) Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
  5. Some chapters of Physical Chemistry (12th Edition). Peter Atkins (2018). Oxford University Press. 976 pages.
  6. An Introduction to Plasmonics. Olivier Pluchery and Jean-François Bryche. (2023). World Scientific. 340 pages.

Example of exams given at the end of the course.

  • Exam of 2017-2018. Five Exercises. (1) Fundamental understanding (2) Mott-Schottky model in a MIS structure (3) Coulomb blockade (4) Molecular conductance (5) Design an OLED
  • Exam of 2019-2020. (1) The Kretschmann configuration in plasmonics (2) The pentacene Organic Field Effect Transistor
  • Exam of 2020-2021. (1) Mott-Schottky model and MIS structure (2) The diarylethene (DAE)-based photochromic single‐molecule junctions