ANR FOENICS – Förster energy transfer and collective photophysics of self-assembled colloidal quantum wells


A fundamental understanding of the coupling between nanoparticles is crucial for opto-electronic applications involving densely-packed semiconductor nanoparticles such as quantum-dot-LEDs or quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells. Self-assembled chains of fluorescent CdSe nanoplatelets constitute a perfect platform for exploring these interactions and collective behaviors. Their architecture can be adjusted by physico-chemical means and microscopic fluorescence analysis of single chains allows a combination of spatially-resolved study of energy transfer, spectroscopy, time-resolved measurements, polarisation and Fourier-plane analysis of the radiating in-plane dipole etc. The aim of the project is to optimize the properties of nanoplatelet chain assemblies in order to enhance interactions between platelets and analyse collective optical effects and FRET-mediated collective photophysics.