Maria Sanz-Paz, optical antennas for manipulating the emission properties of single-photon sources

Maria Sanz-Paz is a CNRS research fellow. She joined the Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics team (NANOPT) in January 2024.

Maria Sanz-Paz specializes in photon emitters and the manipulation of their properties.



Maria Sanz-Paz did her PhD in ICFO (Institute of Photonic Sciences) in Barcelona (2016-2020), where she focused on the study of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale using antennas-on-probe carved at the apex of scanning near-field optical microscopy tips.

She then moved to the University of Fribourg in Switzerland as a postdoc (2020-2023), where she continued to investigate the effect of optical antennas on fluorescent emitters using a different approach, the so-called DNA origami. Recently, she joined the Nanostructures and Optics team (NANOPT) as a CNRS researcher, where she will continue to explore the manipulation of various properties of photon emitters.


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