Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy Platform

  • Microscopes à force atomique Multimode 8 de Bruker est dédié aux échantillons de taille inférieure à 10 mm.
    NX20 atomic force microscopes from Park system allows to use 150 mm samples. INSP - Cécile Duflot

The platform consists of two atomic force microscopes. The Bruker multimode 8 is dedicated to samples smaller than 10mm, while the Park system NX20 allows to use 150mm samples. The maximum image size is 100 um for both devices.

This INSP platform is open to the scientific community.



The two instruments allow “classical” imaging (topography) in air, in liquid and under gas. The microscopes can image objects of a few microns in height (15 um for the NX20, 5 um for the multimode). The precision of the displacements (x,y) is less than 0.5nm for the microscopes.

Multimode 8


© INSP – Cécile Duflot



© INSP – Cécile Duflot


Other measurement channels are available using specific measurement modes:

  • Mechanical properties: adhesion, friction, hardness
  • Magnetic properties: MFM
  • Electrostatic properties: surface potential (KPFM, EFM)
  • Electrical and ferroelectric properties: electrical conduction (TUNA (only multimode for now, PFM)

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  • Hervé Cruguel: herve.cruguel(at)
  • Olivier Pluchery: olivier.pluchery(at)