Elastic deformation does not impact fluid sorption in stiff mesoporous materials

For almost a century we have been familiar with the deformations of porous solids upon adsorption. This phenomenon occurs in the drying of concrete and alters the permeation of some porous membranes for example. The reverse process – the impact of deformation on adsorption – has not been investigated as much. The Nanometric Thin Films team of the INSP, in collaboration with Etienne Rolley (LPENS), has shown that this reverse process is undetectable in stiff mesoporous materials, such as porous silicon.


« Stress or strain does not impact sorption in stiff mesoporous materials »
Marine Bossert, Annie Grosman, Isabelle Trimaille, Camille Noûs et Etienne Rolley
Langmuir, 36, 11054-11060 (2020)


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