Nano Photo-Phononics






The Nano Photo-Phononics thematic axis gathers the activities of the INSP involving the propagation of waves. These activities aim at tailoring the properties of matter for controlling the propagation of waves.

With that aim, the research activities can be separated in two axes:

  • Structuring and organizing materials for strengthening, steering and controlling the interaction between waves and matter. The objectives are to create resonant effects at a sub-wavelength scale (plasmon or Mie resonances, electronic transitions, acoustic resonators…) or at the wavelength scale (artificial crystals, waveguides) for engineering the density of states available for the propagation. Such materials find use in local probes, detectors, emitters…
  • Materials for generating or controlling new states (piezo, SiC, perovskites…). The aim is to use differently the properties of materials or synthesize new materials in order to gain a better control on the propagation of waves or to generate new states of waves.