Spectroscopy of Novel Quantum States – Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscope 2K

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STM/AFM, 2K, cryogen free, vector magnetic field 2T vertical 1T horizontal, preparation and growth chamber in situ


A new equipment is being developed in the laboratory: an hybrid atomic force/tunneling microscope (AFM/STM) operating at 2K in a 2T vertical 1T horizontal magnetic field. This equipment is derived from a UHV system “Omicron LT” , the microscope and cryogenic system being developed in our laboratory.  The originality of this new equipment lies in the use of a “cryogen free” cryogenic system, which avoids the use of liquid helium and the interruptions linked to the filling of the cryostat. The technical lock of the coupling of the mechanical noise produced by the pulsed tube of the cryogenator to the microscope, has been lifted by the development of an anti-vibration system with double suspension. Fully interfaced, the instrument is remotely controllable and will allow to record very high resolution tunnel spectroscopy maps by varying the temperature and/or the magnetic field over very long times. The microscope head is equipped with 6 independent contacts on the sample allowing device operando measurements, as well as 6 independent contacts on the tip of the microscope, allowing to operate in STM or NC-AFM mode, or to perform resistivity measurements on thin films elaborated in situ.