Photons, Magnons and Quantum Technologies – High resolution micro-photoluminescence under strong magnetic field

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Microphotoluminescence and excitation scanning imaging. The device includes: a Spectra-Physics solid-state laser source (composed of a Millenia pump laser, a Ti-Sapphire laser, an OPO and doublers) covering the entire visible wavelength range and delivering picosecond pulses; a Jobin-Yvon Triax 550 imaging spectrometer coupled to a liquid nitrogen cooled CCD camera; a specific variable temperature cryostat (10-300K), a large numerical aperture optic and a piezoelectric nano-positioning system.

Spatial resolution 1µm2, spectral resolution 50 µeV and temporal resolution 10 ps. For coherent control experiments, a three-port optical cryostat is currently used as well as a delay line to control the delays and the relative phase of the pulses.

© CNRS Photothèque / Hubert Raguet

CaptionSchematic diagram of the microphotoluminescence experiment used to study the optical properties of individual nano-objects. The diagram also shows the interferometry setup used to study the spatial coherence of quantum states.

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