Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces – Self-organization at the nanoscale – Topological defects in thin smectic films


  • Permanent members: Emmanuelle Lacaze, Sébastien Royer, Michel Goldmann
  • PhD Student: Jean de Dieu Niyonzima

Liquid crystal topological defects are among condensed matter topological defects the easiest to control for a deep study of defect structure and properties. We know now how to build arrays of quasi-periodic topological defects in thin liquid crystal smectic films. They are the response to the frustration that we impose through antagonistic geometries at the two interfaces, substrate and air. Combining Optical Microscopy, AFM, ellipsometry and synchrotron GISAXS, we are able to reconstruct the structure of the smectic layers with an unprecedented resolution for a nanoscale determination of the topological defects.

CaptionScheme of the smectic layers reconstructed around the toplogical defects and measured by Optical Microscopy (below), ellipsometry (above) and GISAXS (on the right).

We explore the nanoscale structure of the defects, their evolution close to the smectic/nematic transition and reveal different kinds of defects when the liquid crystal/substrate interactions are modified.


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  • S. Kralj, L. Mesarec (Univ. Maribor-Slovenia)


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