Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces – Nanoparticles – Nanoelectronics, single charge electronics with gold nanoparticles


  • Permanent member: Olivier Pluchery
  • Past PhD: Louis Caillard (14-nov-2014). Grafted organic monolayers for single electron transport and for quantum dot solar cells

Gold nanoparticles serve as ultra-small electron dispensers and make possible the control of electric current with the accuracy of a single electron (Coulomb blockade). The challenge is to fabricate reproducible architectures where gold nanoparticles of diameters between 5 and 10 nm are deposited on top of a GOM molecular layer which plays the role of an insulating layer (tunnel barrier) and which is grafted on a silicon substrate. The experimental study is carried out in ultra-high vacuum with a STM (Scanning Tunnel Microscope).

Read a 3 pages summary published in SPIE Newsroom. Gold nanoparticles to drive single-electron currents




  • Chabal (University of Texas at Dallas)
  • AF Lamix-Humblot (LRS, Sorbonne Université)



  • Projet Go-N-SEE : Nanoparticules d’or pour les expériences sur les électrons uniques



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