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Experimental set-up acoustic clamps

The experimental set-up described below was developed in the framework of a thesis on manipulation and trapping by acoustic radiation pressure. This type of trap based on the use of a focused progressive wave is the acoustic analogue of optical clamps. The ultrasonic beam is focused at a helical wave front: the acoustic vortex.

This new method of non-contact manipulation promises to give much greater forces than those of optical clamps while eliminating photo-toxicity. These characteristics are attractive to imagine a wide range of new applications in the field of biological cell manipulation.

Principle of the spatio-temporal inverse filter method used to realize highly focused ultrasonic vortices

For a set m of transmitters, a control plane p of n points is scanned by the hydrophone. All the information related to the physical system is contained in the matrix of impulse responses hji(t).

An acoustic transmitter (multi-element) generates an acoustic field that propagates in the vessel. The hydrophone is mounted on a three-axis motorized positioning system and can measure the field at a given position in the vessel. The electronic cabinet synchronizes the shots, controls the motors and ensures data acquisition via the oscilloscope.


Pince acoustique

Caption: Diagram of the experimental device. Miniaturization of the acoustic clamp.