Quantum Technologies : a new platform using rare-earth oxide thin films

The development of new materials systems exhibiting remarkable quantum properties at the nanometric scale – nanoparticles, ultrathin films – is a major objective for the creation of new devices for such quantum technologies as quantum computing or quantum cryptology. Within this domain, the Nanometric Thin Films team of the INSP, in a collaboration with teams from the IRCP and the INL, has made high quality thin films of yttrium oxide doped with erbium, obtaining for the first time optical and coherence properties indicating the formation of a very promising technological platform for development of thin film quantum technologies.


Caption: Electron microscope image of a typical film.

“Chemically Vapour Deposited Eu3+:Y2O3 thin films : a relevant material platform for quantum technologies”
Nao Harada, Alban Ferrier, Diana Serrano, Emrick Briand, Romain Bachelet, Ian Vickridge, Jean Jacques Ganem, Philippe Goldner and Alexandre Tallaire
Journal of Applied Physics, 128, 055304 (2020)


 Ian.vickridge(at)insp.jussieu.f – ganem(at)insp.jussieu.fr

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