James Utterback – Optoelectronics: relaxation and energy transport in materials


James Utterback is recruited as a CNRS research fellow at INSP. He will join the Chemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces team (Optoelectronics group) in February 2023.

James Utterback’s research focuses on the ultrafast optical spectroscopy and microscopy of energy relaxation and transport in materials for optoelectronic applications.


After completing his undergraduate in physics at the University of Oregon and then teaching physics and chemistry at an international high school in India, James Utterback earned his PhD (2013-2018) as an National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in the lab of Prof. Gordana Dukovic using ultrafast spectroscopy and kinetic modeling to study excited-state dynamics of semiconductor nanocrystals—specifically trapped-carrier dynamics and electron-transfer kinetics in cadmium chalcogenide nanocrystals. James then worked as a Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow at the UC Berkeley (2019-2022) in the lab of Prof. Naomi Ginsberg, studying time-resolved microscopy of charge, thermal and ion transport as well as X-ray scattering of nanoparticle self assembly.

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