Quantum Dots: Optics, Electron Transport, and Future Applications

Quantum Dots: Optics, Electron Transport, and Future Applications

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Co-écriture par Benoit Eble.

Editor A. Tartakovskii, Cambridge University Press.

Chapter 14: Nuclear Spin Effects in Quantum Dot Optics by B. Urbaszek, B. Eble, T. Amand, and X. Marie.

A comprehensive review of cutting-edge research into solid-state systems, focusing on one major example – quantum dots. The book presents a wide range of techniques for fabricating these nanostructured semiconductors and controlling their quantum properties. The book examines advanced III-V and II-VI semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) made by self-assembly, lithography and chemical synthesis; novel QD structures in nanowires and graphene; and transport and optical methods for controlling single QDs. Particular attention is paid to the manipulation of single spins and the control of their magnetic environment, as well as to the generation of non-classical light emitted by QBs in dielectric cavities or coupled to plasmons in metallic structures. It is a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers new to the field.