Workshop – Defects and self-organization – 22/02/23

8 h 30 min-14 h 30 min
INSP - Sorbonne Université
Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 4 place Jussieu, Paris, 75005
Type d’évènement/Event category

Corridor 22-12, 4th floor, room 426


8h30: coffee


9h – 9h40: “How to Classify Dislocations” Randall Kamien (U-Penn, USA)

9h40 – 9h55: “Interaction of smectic A defects with light, and application to active glazing » Camille Mahyaoui (LPS)

9h55 – 10h10: “Topological defects in thin smectic films” Jean de Dieu Niyonzima (INSP)

10h10 – 10h25: “Nanoparticle organization driven by smectic defects, the role of temperature” Haifa Jeridi (INSP-ECE)

10h25 – 10h40: « Fréedericksz-Like Transition in a Biaxial Smectic-A Phase » Ivan Dozov (LPS)

10h40 – 11h00: Coffee break

11h00 – 11h15: « Polymorphous packing of pentagonal nanoprisms » Jules Marcone (LPS)

11h15 – 11h30: « Flowers in layered phases » Brigitte Pansu (LPS)

11h30 – 11h45: « Study of the mixed Langmuir film interface of ionic liquid and graphene oxide” Guillaume Diot (INSP)

11h45 – 12h00 : « Bacteria in liquid crystals: from the swimming mechanism of individuals to collective effects »Guillaume Sintes (Gulliver – ESPCI)

12h00 – 12h15: « Active nematics in channel networks » Zhengyang Liu (Gulliver – ESPCI)

12h15 – 12h30: « Order and disorder in DNA toroids » Kahina Vertchik (LPS)

 12h30 – 12h45: « Topological metadefects: tangles of dislocations. » Pawel Pieranski (LPS)


13h: Lunch