Séminaire – Ultrafast Energy Transport in the Presence of Nanoscale Defects – James Utterback – 26/07/21

11 h 00 min
INSP - Sorbonne Université
Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 4 place Jussieu, Paris, 75005
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Barre 12-22, 4e étage, salle 426

James Utterback – UC Berkeley


At the nanoscale, energy carrier transport must navigate length scales intrinsic to material defects. How do heterogeneous environments and interfaces impact transport properties ? How can we access information about energy carriers that traditionally do not have clear spectroscopic signals ? In this presentation I will describe ultrafast optical measurements and theoretical modeling of the behavior of various types of energy carriers at the nanoscale, including band-edge and trapped charge-carrier dynamics in colloidal nanocrystals, heat transport in nanocrystal films, and ion transport in solution.