Séminaire / Seminar – Unveiling new phenomena in dissipative magnetic systems – Benedetta Flebus – 22/06/22

11 h 00 min
Type d’évènement/Event category

Mercredi 22 juin 2022 à 11h

 Sorbonne Université – INSP – 4 place Jussieu – 75005 Paris – Barre 22-23, salle 317


Benedetta Flebus – Department of Physics, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA



While magnetic systems have been extensively studied both from a fundamental physics perspective and as building blocks for a variety of applications, their topological properties, however, remain relatively unexplored due to their inherently dissipative nature.

I will start this talk by discussing how the recent introduction of non-Hermitian topological classifications has opened up opportunities for engineering topological phases in magnetic systems, and I will present our first proposal of a non-Hermitian topological magnonic system, i.e., a realization of an SSH non-Hermitian model via a one-dimensional spin-torque oscillator array [1,2].

Further, I will show how magnetic exceptional points can unveil large-amplitude auto-oscillatory regimes in nano-oscillators [3]. Finally, I will discuss the conditions under which magnetic insulating systems can host one of the most striking non-Hermitian phenomena with no Hermitian counterpart, i.e., the skin effect, which underlies the breakdown of the bulk-edge correspondence [4].


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