Séminaire / Seminar – Towards topological superconductivity – Deung-Jang Choi – 6/04/22

11 h 00 min
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DeungJang Choi – Centro de Fisica de Materiales, CFM/MPC (CSICUPV/EHU), Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science, 

INSP – Sorbonne Université – 4 place Jussieu – 75005 Paris – Barre 22-32, 2e étage, salle 201


Recently, the introduction of impurity states in the superconducting gap has received a lot of attention. Indeed, the search of a new superconducting state called topological superconductivity is strongly based in the combination of doping classical (s-wave) superconductors with magnetic impurities that arrange spins in a special order. We present our first results of controlled single-atom manipulation to assemble a chain of Cr atoms on a Bi2Pd superconductor [1,2]. Such magnetic impurities on different substrates allow us to explore many-body effects and exotic phenomena in different experimental spin systems giving an understanding on the parameters on each system.


[1] Mier C., Hwang J., Kim J., Bae Y., Nabeshima F., Imai Y., Maeda A., Lorente N., Heinrich A. and Choi
D.-J., Atomic Manipulation of In-gap States on the ꞵ-Bi2Pd Superconductors, Physical Review B 104 (4), 045406 (2021).

[2] Cristina Mier, Deung-Jang Choi, Nicolás Lorente, Physical Review B 104 (24), 245415 (2021).