Séminaire / Seminar – Stripe domains in thin films: magnetism, magnetic structure and magnetotransport – J. Milano – 20/02/23

11 h 00 min-12 h 30 min
INSP - Sorbonne Université
Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 4 place Jussieu, Paris, 75005
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Corridor 22-32 2rd floor, room 201


Julián Milano – Instituto de Nanociencia y Nanotecnología, INN (CNEA-CONICET).

Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo.

Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Centro Atómico Bariloche, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.


In this talk, I will show different aspects of our study on ferromagnetic thin films that present stripe domains. To carry out the investigation, we studied thin films composed for different alloys such as Fe1-xGax, FePt, Permalloy, which allow us to vary within a wide range of stripe period the systems to be study, from few tens of nanometers to around a micron. One of our questions is how some magnetic properties of thin film with planar domains are changed due to the presence of the stripe arrangements. To do that, we performed several experiments such us ferromagnetic resonance, magnetic relaxation and vectorial magnetization loops. Also, a new phenomenon observed such as rotatable anisotropy was investigated. One of the challenges to understand in striped system is to determine in an experimental way how the domain arrangement within the thin film is. In order to contribute to this topic, we perform polarized neutron reflectometry and X-ray resonant magnetic scattering experiments, which allow us to relate the magnetic structure with the magnetic parameters. Finally, I will present our results about the study of the magnetotransport properties which are dominated by the anisotropic magnetoresistance, whose sign depends on the measurement geometry (electric current flowing parallel and perpendicular to the stripes) and the material under studied.