Nanostructures and Optics – Thin film frame

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Deposition of organic and metallic layers in a controlled atmosphere


This glove box / evaporator assembly is designed for the deposition of thin layers of organic materials and metals, to constitute various optoelectronic devices (light-emitting diodes, transistors, photovoltaic cells). The total thickness of these multilayer components ranges from less than 100 nm to a few microns. The glove box is filled with nitrogen under slight overpressure. A purifier eliminates water vapor and oxygen up to a level of a few ppm. The glove box houses a spin-coating, adapted to the deposition of molecules or polymers in solution, and is connected to an evaporator by a sample holder (diameter 63 mm). The evaporator is based on a stainless steel sphere, equipped with a door, a rotating sample holder and pumping and control systems. Different crucibles for evaporation of small mass molecules and electrode metals are installed in it. The handling arm allows the masks to be interchanged between each layer, if necessary. After manufacturing, the bench installed in the glove box allows electrical measurements under points without exposure of the component to the ambient atmosphere.