Nanostructures and Optics – Coupled nano-emitters

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  • Permanent members: Laurent Coolen, Agnès Maître
  • PhD students: Arnaud Choux, Jiawen Liu, Zakarya Ouzit


Our group has a long history of analyzing radiation properties of individual quantum nano-emitters by fluorescence microscopy. In particular, we developed characterization tools based on polarimetry and Fourier imaging [1] and used them to measure the orientation of single nanorods and nanoplatelets [2,3]. We have now turned our attention to the emission of self-assembled chains of nanoplatelets (synthesis B. Abécassis, ENS de Lyon). Emitters within a few nanometers from each other present many potential collective interaction mechanisms which must be understood for opto-electronic applications : mechanical (ligand-induced strain), electronic (charge transfer, dipole-dipole coupling), optical (lasing, superradiance) etc. We have recently shown that self-assembled platelets present very fast (picosecond) Förster transfer so that excitons can diffuse over 500 nm within a platelet chain [4].


Figure: FRET diffusion of excitons along a self-assembled chain of nanoplatelets


  • Benjamin Abécassis, ENS de Lyon
  • Benoît Fleury, IPCM, Sorbonne Université
  • Benoît Dubertret, Sandrine Ithurria, LPEM, ESPCI



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