Growth and properties of hybrid thin film systems – Ferromagnetic vertically assembled nanocomposites

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  • Permanent members: Yunlin Zheng, Franck Vidal, Marcel Hennes, Dominique Demaille
  • PhD student: Thomas Tran

The increase in the density of magnetic information storage media implies the search for new strategies for the elaboration of magnetic nano-objects with adjustable magnetic anisotropy. Our activities focus on the growth, structure and nanomagnetism of self-assembled ferromagnetic nanowires in vertical epitaxy. We have developed a technique for the growth of nanowires, of adjustable diameter in the 2-10 nm range, epitaxied in matrix by pulsed laser ablation. These objects are model nanomagnetic systems either for the control of anisotropy via epitaxial constraints or for studies on the dynamics of magnetization.

The following lines of research are currently being explored :

  • growth of alloy nanowires (CoNi, CoPt),
  • understanding and control of strain in embedded nanowires,
  • control of the magnetic anisotropy,
  • axial structuration of bimetallic nanowires (Au/CoNi) combining magnetic and plasmonic properties.

Figure: TEM plane views of an assembly of ferromagnetic nanowires and magnetic hysteresis cycles.


Principal collaborations

  • SOLEIL (SAMBA et SixS)
  • C2N

Recent publications

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  • M. Hennes, X.Weng, E. Fonda, B. Gallas, G. Patriarche, D. Demaille, Y. Zheng, F. Vidal. Phase separation and surface segregation in Co-Au-SrTiO3 thin films : Self-assembly of bilayered epitaxial nanocolumnar composites.  Physical Review Materials 3, 035002 (2019)
  • X. Weng, M. Hennes, A. Coati, A. Vlad, Y. Garreau, M. Sauvage-Simkin, E. Fonda, G. Patriarche, D. Demaille, F. Vidal, Y. Zheng. Ultrathin Ni nanowires embedded in SrTiO3 : Vertical epitaxy, strain relaxation mechanisms, and solid-state amorphization.  Physical Review Materials 2, 106003 (2018)